I Need A Screen Print Machine. What'S The Best One For Me?
I'M A Small Buisness T-Shirt Designer And I'M Tired Of Paying So Much For Screen Printing. I'M Looking For A Single Color Screen Print Machine. What'S A Good Model Or Brand For Me?

I did a search online and you can find reviews pretty easily. But are you sure that you do enough volume to justify owning a machine? Once you find a machine you like, do a "break even" analysis. Let's say the machine costs $5,000 and right now you pay $2 per t-shirt to silk screen. Yo would have to sell 2,500 t-shirts ($5,000/$2.50) to break even.

Ideas Needed For T-Shirt Design?
Thre Is A Citywide Competition , For Pridefest , I Can Design Art Or An Image, ( Or Even Words) To Be Printed On The Front Of This Year'S Souvenir T-Shirt. Anyone Have Any Good Ideas. I Have A Few Of My Own , But I Wanted Other'S Input As Well.

Maybe you could design a tee-shirt for my not-for-sale yet invention. . .
A bicycle seat for gay guys that has a built-in big dildo that is terrific for those bumpy rides.