Help Me Start A T-Shirt Business?
Here'S The Basic Situation: I Have Plans With A Friend Of Mine To Make A Bunch Of T-Shirts With Cool Messages Written On Them. We Were Also Going To Make Shirts That Protest Our School'S New Dress Code. We Have Perfect Plans On How To Market These Shirts And Such, But We Have One Basic Problem, Which Is: We Dont Know How To Make The Shirts. We Could Buy A Few Blank Shirts Online For A Few Bucks A Shirt, Or Buy Shirts From A Thrift Store, But We Don'T Know How To Print/Add Messages On Them. Our Worst Case Scenario Is We Use Fabric Paints And Apply Messages And Drawings To The Shirts By Hand. I Can Do That, But It Will Be More Work And Frankly, The Shirts Would Look A Lot Better With Printed Messages. How Can We Do That? What Methods Are There? *Please Note: We Are Looking To Sell These Shirts At Around $10, Something People Can Easily Afford. If We Spend A Couple Bucks Each Shirt, We Can Make A Decent Profit For Each Shirt Made. Hopefully The Methods Of Adding Words To The Shirts Is Cheap--We Want To Stay Near The $10 Mark. *Please Tell Me The Costs Of Each Method (Or A Rough Estimate). Thanks!

They usually use silk screening, single color printing can be done fairly simply.

Below is a hobby kit for $150

Amazon has something called "Speedball Super Value Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Kit" for $30
might be missing the screen making stuff.

Services like cafe press print custom shirts for about $24 each

Should I Wear Girls Clothes?
I Am A Indian Boy.Lives In Mumbai.I Usually Get Aroused To Wear My Mom'S And Sister'S Bra And Underwear. I Have Worn It Many Times And Roamed In My House. I Was Caught Wearing Many Times. I Was Being Scolded By My Parents. Is It Right?I Am 17 Years Old

Ok well you're 17 and wearing girl's clothes. . .i mean i dont judge it's ok but don't you have your own clothes? Just think: what would people in your school say if you're wearing a bra and girl clothes to high school/ college? I won't recommend doing this but if you really want to then i guess it's ok as long as you dont mind people making fun of you :( .

Hope this helped!