Girls Clothing Ideas?????
Im Only 13, Im Going Shopping Soon Becsuse I Dont Have Alot Of Clothes. What Stores Do You Like? What Are Some Cute Styles? What Thpes Of Shirt Styles Are Cute And Colors. Use Pictures, Websites And Anything Cute!!

I shop at Forever21, Ross, Marshall's, Target, JC Penny's, and TJ Max because they have cute clothes at inexpensive prices. Also, I don't shop at Aeropostale or Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch or Gilly Hicks or anything like that, but I hear they have great clothes. As for accessories, I love what Justice and Claire's have to offer jewelry wise! I think v-necks, elbow sleeve shirts, and off the shoulder shirts are also cute. As for colors, it depends what hair colors you have. Blond looks good in pink, light and pastels colors. Black hair looks especially good in dark colors. Red heads look good in green, and brunettes look good in warm colors or earth tones. Lastly, I LOVE the brand LOL Vintage because they sell a lot of cute clothes, and Uproar is my second favorite brand if your looking for dark and professional looks.
Happy shopping! :)

How Can I Print On Nylon Material?
What Type Of Printing Method (Silk Screening, Decals, Etc.) Will Let Me Print On Nylon Material? I Would Prefer Something That Is Not A Sticker And That Will Go Right On The Fabric. It'S For A Nylon Taffeta Jacket I Have Which I Want To Get Printed. Also, Does Anyone Know A Place In The Toronto Area That Will Do This?

Screen printing is your best bet. Follow this link for listings of places that can do it near you: