How Do You Screen Print?
I Would Like To Make A Shirt And I Heard Screen Printing Was The Way To Do It...What'S An Easy Way To Screen Print.

Silk Screen printing or truly called Serigraphy is one type of surface printing that has been around awhile. Silk is stretched tightly on a wooden frame. A picture is applied to the silk by paper stencil or chemical stencil. Paint is then forced through the silk (blocked by the stencil) on to a sheet of paper or T-shirt.

I Am On Disability, How Can I Learn To Do Silk Screen Printing Using Grants At Local Colleges?
Are There Certificates, Or Mentorships Available.It Is My Artistic Passion!

you would have to be a degree seeking student... not just in a certificate program or just taking a few classes in order to use FAFSA generated funds (including Pell Grant)

You would have to find a school with an Art Degree that also has classes in silk screen printing

Another option (if you are in the US) is to get with Voc Rehab & see if they can help you find on-the-job training