Any Idea About Good Screen-Printing Machines?
Need Screen-Printing Machines That Can Print On Ready Made Gift Items Like Bags, Folders, Pens, Mouse, Keyholders, T-Shirts, Polo-Shirts, Buckets, Leather And Crystal Materials, Wood, Stones And More

You will need a silk-screening kit which which make it easy for you to begin T-shirt printing. If you go on ebay, you can get a great deal for the printer itself which varies from $2500 upward.

Boys Wearing Girls Clothes?
So, I'M Getting A Little Concerned,My Son Is Not Into Emo Or Punk. Because My First Thought Was He Was Turning Punk. He Is Very Thin, And He Likes His Shirts To Fit Tight, And When We Went School Shopping He Bought 2 Pairs Of Skin Tight Girls Jeans. Last Night He Went To Wet Seal And Bought A 'White' Studded Belt. He Wanted A Frilly Shirt, And I Said No Way!! What Is Going On Here??

I know some guys that wear tight girl jeans and some tight shirts that are completely straight (the guys, not the shirts haha). And I know one person who has a studded belt too and he is not emo/punk. I don't know about a frilly shirt though... But I do know that girl clothes have been the fashion for guys for a while now. More than likely he gets it from all of the cool new bands that are out now. I keep seeing all the singers in the bands wearing girl pants and they are straight and not emo/punk.