Would You Pay £12 For Your Own Custom Printed T-Shirt?
From A Local Business And Also £8 With Just A Print That You Choose From A Selection, The Shirts Are Fruit Of The Loom And The Printing We Do Is Best Quality We Can Get At A Cheaper Price. (I Am Not Trying To Makes Sales Over The Internet This Is Just A Local Thing)

I would. The normal consumer does not usually think of the price which has went into producing such items and are oblivious to the profits being made.

What Machine Is Necessary To Make Screen Printed Tshirts??
I Need To Know The Name Of The Machine Of Printer. Iron Transfer Paper Does Not Work That Well Thanks

the industiral screen printing machines I have worked on came from a company called lancer. www.lancergroup.com They also sell inks and accesories, including different kinds of heat - applied transfers and materials.
The actual silk screen itself is just that. It's a piece of silk stretched over a frame. In a screen printing shop we used a light sensitive chemical on the screen. the image we wanted to print was printed onto an almost transparent sheet of paper in black. it was then shot onto the coated screen so the screen became a negative of the image.
I'm not sure what home made screen printing uses to create the negative, but esentially that's what you want.
then it's just a matter of pushing the ink over the screen and it's pushed through the area that wasn't cured.
Some places that do screen printing can also do iron-on transfers. they'll have a better printer and paper then the store bought stuff so you'll get a better result you could try calling a few.