Silk Screen Priniting Machine?
Silk Screen Printing Machine Design

I'm not sure what you are asking, but AC Moore sells silk screen printing kits for less that $50.
Otherwise a search on google images will get you some pictures to use.

Should Guys Be Free To Wear Girls Clothes?
What Do You Guys Think? Nothing Too Girly (Like Skirts Or Anything), But Girls Sweatshirts/Sweatpants And Whatnot...

Yeah... Girls wear EVERYTHING from the mens side of the wardrobe so it is only fair. Plus it is only clothing and clothing will not make you gay. (Either you are or you aren't. Clothing has nothing to do with it).

Leading clothing designers say ALL clothing is unisex except for the bra and jock strap (The only 2 pieces of clothing that is sex specific).

Some girls clothing is super comfortable and more men wear it than you think. Seamless stretch panties are super common because they are supporting and feel great. Tights can be a help in winter and there are lots of benefits to wearing them. See some here (All applies to both women and men equally): Check the 5 categories here but there is a lot more than this.

Also what's wrong with skirts? Men have worn skirts far longer than women throughout history! Obviously makes more sense for the male anatomy than for a female... no frigging crotch seams is a big deal guys! CAUTION: Once a guy tries on a short skirt instead of shorts on a hot day he will be hooked! He will not give up the skirt!! So be ready for that! They will be vogue soon for men.

Don't think guys can rock skirts? Check these guys and note they still look like guys just as women in pants still look like women:
And It takes a real man to wear a skirt before they are vogue. You won't see the sexually insecure (homophobes) trying on a skirt. The idiots somehow think a skirt will make them gay!! Women should take note of this to avoid the homophobic idiots because in the long run those relationships never work out.

Soooo yeah there are plenty of women clothes that are really nice and guys can rock so why not?