T Shirt Printing Company And Store Search?
Hey! I Have Some Awesome T Shirt Ideas, And I Am About To Buy My Own Domain To Start My Own Company. Right Now I Am Looking For T Shirt Printers, And I Am Also Looking For A Place To Sell My T Shirts. I Liked The Idea Of Print Mojo, But The Problem Is They Make You Pre Buy The T Shirts. I Would Like An On Demand Printing Type Of Place That Hopefully Sells My T Shirts As Well/ Gives Me A Domain To Sell Them And They Handle The Customer Service Part Of Shipping To Customers, Etc. Anyways, Please Give Me As Many Options As You Know Of So I Can Check Them Out! Thanks A Lot!

I have to wonder how much research you have done in this kind of saturated competitive field, at least spend some time using a search engine to find a few dozen sites to review. Someone here asked about his small site of exclusive designs that he spend some promotion money on but has yet to make one sale. Getting people to the site is a s big an obstacle as any, most stores have an affiliate program paying around 8% - 15% to anyone who sends them a customer.

If someone else stocks the goods, like drop-shippers, or prints on demand, eliminating the pre-buy issue, you can expect them to share a healthy part of the profits.

The t-shirtforums might be valuable

He has a link to http://www.howtostartatshirtcompany.com/ that sells for $29.95

Using a google search: drop-shipper t-shirts
just displayed Adwords ad: Drop Ship T Shirts - Now Just $4.75 Each. No Minimums
You have to click a promotional link on the ad to get that price (seems hit and miss)
Starting at (normally $9.49) $4.74

Casfepress and zazzle.com let you upload your own designs, setup a 'store' on their sites and add whatever markup to their base cost you choose for a variety of print on demand products, these might be a good place to test the popularity of a design with no investment.

To compete on price you might have to resort to importing products, this huge Chinese marketplace should give you an idea of what's available

Why Do I Like To Wear Girl Clothing?
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