Where Can I Find Some All Over Print T Shirts?
I Am Having Some Trouble Finding All Over Print T Shirts For Sale. There Are Many Sites Where I Can Design One, But I Can Only Find A Couple Of Designs For Purchase. I Don'T Want To Make One, I Just Want To Buy A Pre-Made Design. Does Anyone Know Of A Website Where I Can Find These Types Of Shirts? (I Am A Man And Would Prefer The Cost To Be About $25 Or Less If Possible) Thanks!


Boys Wearing Girls Clothes?
Basically, I Have Two Sons. One Has Just Turned 3 And The Other Is Nearly 4. I Dress Them Mostly In Clothes Made For Boys But Some Of Their Clothes Are For Girls. I Buy Them My Eldest Skinny Jeans That Are In The Girls Section, But Only Because The Fit Is Generally Better And I Think They Look Better. They Also Wear Leggings Or Tights Under Their Normal Clothes (It'S Cold Wear We Live) And Occasionally Just Leggings Inside At Nursery With A Long T-Shirt On. I Don'T See An Issue With It, They Look Fine, Are Happy With It And For Me I Just Find It More Practical. I Don'T See How At Their Age It Really Matters As The Colours Are Neutral Anyway (Normally Black Or Bus) The Issue Is My Brothers Girlfriends (All 3 Of Them) Seem To Have A Massive Objection Against It. Whenever They See Them In The Clothes They Always Make A Comment To Me About How Inappropriate It Is And They Shouldn'T Be Wearing Them. Anyway After Their Latest Rant It Is Really Starting To Bug Me And I'M Just Wondering What Other People Thought About It?

What roll do your sons have in selecting their clothing?
They are old enough to have a say in what they want to wear and what they feel comfortable wearing. They are at an age where they may be aware of whether their clothes are like those of other children or not.

If your child wants to wear leggings and a t-shirt, it is harmless enough. On the other hand, if you're dressing them in an odd manner to suit your own tastes, you may be putting them in an awkward position. If the three girlfriends are commenting about it, nursery workers may be, too. When I was little, my mother cut my hair short because it was easier than dealing with wild curls and dressed me in my brother's hand-me-down clothes because money was tight and those clothes were still "perfectly good". I remember a couple of nursery school workers having a conversation over my head about how my mother should be ashamed to send me to school looking like a little boy. One called it "disgusting". At 3 or 4, I was content with my practical playclothes and easy hair, but their comments confused and embarrassed me.

None of my own kiddos wanted to wear jeans at all at that age, much less skinny jeans. They very much preferred pants and shorts with elastic waistbands because they were easier to manage and more comfortable when sliding, crawling around on the floor with toy cars, and all those other things little kids do in their busy day. Long underwear, such as WinterSilks, is probably a better choice than tights on a very cold day.

Other people shouldn't tell you how to dress your children, but every day play clothing choices should be made based on what makes your kids happy and comfortable. They aren't babies to be dressed in mom's choice of cute outfits anymore, so it is time to start giving them a chance to make some of the choices about what they want to wear and what they do not.