Any Advice For A Guy Who Wants To Wear Girls Clothing?
I Love The Look And Feel Of Women'S Clothing And Would Love To Wear It. I'M A Guy In High School. Any Advice Would Be Appreciated

Considering that Girls wear guys clothing you'd think there would be no problem vice versa, however socially, it's frowned upon. Understand that guys are higher on the pecking order than women, so a woman dressing as a guy is "playacting" or "dressing above herself" while a guy doing the same is "demeaning his manhood" or "embarrassing himself".

It's BS, but it is what it is.

For some strange reason, macho males are scared to death of being perceived as anything but "macho" and anyone who intimates that males are NOT macho is in for a beating. This is probably why so many guys are scared to the point of attack about homosexuals.

So, if you choose to wear feminine apparel where others can note it, be aware that the reactions will range from acceptance to violent denial, potentially with physical force used against you. It may include compliments and a barrage of verbal insults to your sexual orientation, your manhood and your family. In most instances, the negative will be much stronger and more physically threatening than the positive.

Clothing doesn't affect your sexual orientation, but attempting to educate people to this when they are in the throes of anger is usually ineffective. My suggestion is to considering indulging in private or wearing those items that are unisex or items which can be effectively concealed under overclothes (remember that if you have gym, wearing panties is asking for feedback.)

This would include cami's, panties and hosiery for the most part which are easily concealed under pants and sweaters/sweatshirts.

HS is a hard time as people are trying to act like what they think and adult acts like, without understand the RESPONSIBILITY that comes from acting in certain manners. Physical assault as an adult will get you prison and control is not one of the higher accomplishments of most HS teens.

What Is Legal When Printing T-Shirts?
So I'M Considering Buying, Printing And Selling T-Shirts.. My Only Problem Is I'Ve Read You Can'T Print Celebs.. So I Was Wondering What The Rules Actually Where About That And Also What The Rules Where On.. Film Prints Tv Prints Band Prints Quotes From Books, Songs, Films Etc. Book Cover Art Because I'Ve Bought T-Shirts And Merch That I'M Pretty Sure Would Then Be Illegal..? Thank You In Advance For All Your Answers :)

If someone holds the copyright or trademark, you have to pay a licensing fee. And yes, actors rights belong to the actor or the estate, not to you to freely use their image. You can't take the image off the internet or movie stills either. The studio owns the right to those images.

Unless the quote is copyright free (which isn't likely unless the stuff is over 100 years old) it's not yours to use either without paying a fee.

Book art belongs to the author/publisher.

Either go with original artwork you've drawn, or purchase original art from the local art college (they not only make a sale that way, they have something to show in their portfolio as well once they graduate).

Otherwise use copyright free art - consult the Dover publications site for what's free and what's not.