Does Any Body Knows Where Can Get Good Fashionable T-Shirt For Printing... Looking For Good Price Not Like Aa?
I Now About American Apparel,,, But I Don'T Have A Sales # I Was Looking To Get Them In China But The Retail Amount Is A Lot For My Small Project And Very Bad Quality... Any Suggestions...? I Will Like To Get Them Here In The States In La Maybe


Good Stores In America For Transgender Teenage Girl Clothes?
A Few Months Ago My 15 Year Old Told Me She Identified As Female. I Am 100% Okay With This And I Want Her To Be Comfortable And Happy, But I Was Never Very Good With Fashion Or Shopping Myself, So Can Someone Help Me With Stores Or Online Stores That I Can Buy Some Things For Her On? I Don'T Know What She Will Need Besides Clothes, And She'S Very Shy About Talking About These Things, So I'D Love If You Could Give Me Some General Advice On What She Will Need To Be Happy. Thank You All So Much, Have A Blessed Day! -Jamie

Well, I just use regular girl clothes. But ive only started dressing as a girl a few weeks ago, since I had to get MY mom to come around to the idea of me being her daughter first, but I did makeup before and I do a good job so that's important. Idt there's such thing as tran sgender teenage girl clothes. They're just, you know, clothes. But I just kinds go for loose shirts because I hate my flat chest and male build. As for pants and skirts. Just have her tuck for jeans, and for skirts too. Buy her the basic under-wear and panties. But yeah, just regular girl clothes. Teach her makeup and stuff so that she you know pass better. Oh and I'd like to thank you since you're helping instead of you know, giving her the boot out of the house. This is very good thing you're doing here. I remember a couple weeks ago when my mum bought me my first, "girl " shirt I was so happy.