What Are The Types Of Silk Screen Printing?
I Only Found The History And The Meaning.. Please Help Me.. :)) Arigatou

There is only one type of screen printing, and thats exactly what it is its using a mesh screen to print either plastisol, water ink, air dry inks or even sublimation inks. The method is all the same but the only difference in what you print is the ink and emolsion you use. You can use stencils like ruby film or simple vinly to make you screen as well. try www.screenprinters.net for more info


How Much Space Is Required For A T-Shirt Printing Business?
I Am Desiring To Get Into The T-Shirt Printing Business, With The Intent Of Selling These Tees - Particularly Through Internet Sales, But Also With Some Idea For Retail. I Believe I May Have To Use The Internet For Some Of The Scenes For The Tees, And Also Use Some Cartoon Pictures For Some Of The Other Tees. Please Let Me Know How Much Space Will Be Required For This, As I Wish To Set A Plan For This Within Good Time. I Thank You.

A garage-sized space will be required. Be aware that some images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without payment or permission. Your best business will come from custom orders.