I Like To Wear Girls Clothes?
So Im 14. When Nobodys Home, I Sometimes Go Into My Parents Room And Look Through My Moms Clothes. I Take Anything Interesting And Try It On. These Things Could Be Bras, Panties, Dresses, Nighties, Skirts, Etc. I Just Cant Wear Her Heels Cause My Feet Are Too Big. My Questions Are...Should I Stop? Should I Tell People? And If I Shouldnt Stop, What Else Can I Wear? Thank You

Well the question for me is, do you like the fit of the clothes or do you just like wearing womens clothing? And also do you have a feeling for boys? If you know for sure that you do not like boys, the simple solution is that you just love wearing womens clothes nothing more nothing less. If you feel as if you have this push to tell your mom, but first consider her normal personality, how do you think she would take it? Happy, Mad, or just understanding. If you have a thing for boys I suggest you speak with a guidance counselor at your school because everything you say to them has to be hold confidential. And when you get what you need to get off your chest you would feel a lot better. But also consider telling your mom too, because she may surprise you and be more understanding than you think.

I tried my best to help you out, unlike some other people on here. Don't let them get you down if you like woman's clothes go ahead and strut em'. (:

p.s I wearing woman's clothing is fun to you, and it makes you happy don't stop, but you should ask your mom for permission to be wearing her clothes, and suggest that you can buy your own. (:


To Start A T-Shirt Buiness, Should I Buy Equipment And Print My Own T-Shirts Or Use An Online Company?
If I Buy My Own Equipment For T-Shirt Printing - Should I Screen Print Or Get A Hot Press For Transfers.

What kind of t-shirt business are you looking to do? Local screen printing for towns and small businesses, creative designs for mass markets, starting your own brand, etc?

I think you should test out the market in order to see if people actually like your designs before you make a large investment in equipment. There are two routes you can take. You can start using existing screen printers to print out your designs, or you can test out your designs on websites like cafepress or zazzle. These websites handle all expenses & fullfillment and then send you a check for the remaining profit. Your only responsibilty is maintaining your website. After a few months of sales, reevaluate if opening your own operation would be more profitable and cost effective than these two options. If you find you have a large market or a high demand, I would use your profits to invest in your own equipment.

My friend and I took this same route. We opened a store at cafepress and also outsourced some print jobs to local printers for larger orders. We've managed to run a nice side business without investing too much of our own money into it.

Good luck!