What Kind Of T-Shirt Should I Print On To Make My Own Range Of T-Shirts For Sale?
I Have Begun Printing Some Of My Designs On To T-Shirts. I Have Just Done It For Family So I Have Been Just Buying Blank T-Shirts From K-Mart. But, Now I Want To Start Selling Them At The Market, Online And Even In Shops. Can Anyone Give Me Advice On What Kind Of T-Shirt I Should Print On And Perhaps Even Where, Online, I Can Order Them. Any Advice Would Be Appreciated.

i suggest celebrity designs say on saying beiber fever ! and stiff hope i helped

I'M Thinking Of Starting A Business Selling Printed T-Shirts In Miami Stores?
I'M Thinking Of Starting A Business Selling Printed T-Shirts In Miami Stores, But Not If You Are A Good Time To Start Because Now That Sales Are Very Low, I Am Scared Of Not Being Able To Sell Me Merchandise.

I think Vista Print for one is a great place to design and have your T-shirts created and shipped to you if you do not have a printer for your shirts already. I am sure there are local printers in Miami though.

One idea that may sell in your city especially if you are overstocked and need to unload some shirts is to set up a consignment table at very nice tourist hotels and sell shirts that focus on the theme "Miami" as a city scape or Beaches, Palms etc...

I was in Atlanta once for a 2 day class at the Wyndham Hotel and there was a young lady selling shirts based on Atlanta and I felt compelled to buy one for about $15.00.

Now Miami being more touristic over Atlanta, should not be a problem finding buyers for your shirts.

You may need to contact the Manager of various high-end hotels with nice lobby's, Share your business idea and concede to the hotel a percentage of sells.

They would be happy to give up 10 square feet of space for a nice and friendly product for an additional revenue stream for them and additional offerings for their customers.

This is just one idea, I am sure with your creativity and planning, you could come up with all sorts of selling avenues. Online, Mail Order, Other events (outdoor markets), Concerts, Fairs, Rodeos. etc.

Best of Luck to you!
Raul : )