Can I Use Corporate Logos As A Print For T Shirt Designs?
For Example I'D Like To Make A Shirt With The Logo Of Microsoft, Toyota, Or Walmart As A Basic Design.

"No'`!! That would'nt be wise to do !! As I see it you may be burnt on both ends in this matter !?! See: It might be possible that you could be taken to court for 1.) a mis`leading use of what's called CORPRATE... lets call it what it can be seen as !?! OK? ..By using a company logo on YOURr clothes & possible other just may be possible that some could get a thought of certain work-places mis`handling of monies!?! The advertising as they'd think or see it may be in poor taste/un`apealing!?!again possibly having people or other companies see certain advertisments in another light !?! maybe an un`attractive light!?! Maybe slowing a level of a sales pitch that may have said companies to miss out on certain deals!?!& the way people use the justice system !?! ;-/ "WALK AS IF IT`s ON HOT PINS & NEEDLES when working on,with ot doing tOo anything that you cannot match the purse a compant has do to what WAS a good sale pitch !! " Do'nt mess with it,that,them !! you might end up in hot water & or possibly having to cough up atleast a fraction of the sales they missed out on!?! just because you wanted to see what would happen !?! lol.. But I guess if Y O U are'nt trying to make monies displaying,using or advertising falslely.. if you can prove it.. you may get off with just a warning !?!

A Factory Sells 4,000 Printed T-Shirts For $7.50 Each?
A Factory Sells 4,000 Printed T-Shirts For $7.50 Each. Returns And Allowances Were $925. The Store'S Merchandise Inventory On June 1 Was $24,750. Purchases During The Month Were $9,375. The Merchandise Inventory On June 30 Was $26,250. Operating Costs Were $3,750. What Was The Gross Profit On Sales?

you could of at least say "please help me with my homework".