Are Snakes On A Cane T-Shirts For Sale Yet?
Not The Santa Claus One, The House Season 6 Promotional One, Seen On Snakesonacane.Com. And If Anyone Knows Where Other House Fan Items Can Be Bought, Please Let Me Know! Thanks!

Check out this great House merchandise...includes Snakes on a Cane t-shirts and poster

House Merchandise

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Sell Pencil Sketch Designs And Portraits Online For T-Shirt Printing?
Hi.. I Saw This Website Where People Can Put Their Hand Made Designs (And In My Case Pencil Sketch Portraits Of Celebrities Etc) On T-Shirts And Mugs Etc. I Was Wondering If Its A Scam Or What. Are There Some Such Websites Which Do Pay For Providing Such Designs Etc? Can You Please Suggest Me A Few. Thanks

Be sure to copyright your artwork so you don't get ripped off. There are websites/companies that will pay for artwork, but why would you want to sell them your designs and allow them to make unlimited profits from your work?

There are sources in most cities that will print these items for you to sell. There will be a set up fee, cost of product, and printing cost. You then have to have a sales outlet (website or stores) to sell the product.