Cute Teenage Girl Clothing?
Where Can I Get Some Decent Looking, But Very Cute And Slim Comfortable, But Dressy Shirts To Wear To School... My Wardrobe Is So Limited Right Now. Price Is Also An Issue... Nothing Over 10 Bucks Would Be Nice.... I Am Pretty Slim, So Most Clothing Stores Fit Me. (16 Yrs Old) Please Don'T Just Say American Eagle And Other Typical Mall Stores.. I Need Small Stores That Aren'T In A Huge Mall And Such... Unique Shirts... And No Goodwill Or Walmartm Target Type Answers Please

Well there is many different store that I would sugguest but they might not be in Texas.

1. (they have really cute clothes, ecspecially when on clearence)
2. (pretty much same as kohls, alittle cheaper
3. Boston Store (really nice quality but can be a little more expensive) (same as jcpenny, maybe not as cute of clothes.
5. Forever 21
6. RUE 21 (they have really good deals a lot of their shirts are 5-14 dollars jeans ummm...18 maybe 15)
7. VF factory outlet
8. Value City
9. Wet Seal (can get pricey if you're looking for things under 10
10. DOTS
11. I know you said no Wal-Mart but they can have some good clothes.
12. (they can have like really cheap things there i got a few long sleeve shirts there for like 7 bucks and there t-shirts can be like 3 dollars.

**AVOID abercrombie & fitch, hollister, and american eagle (you probably already knew that) well if you get clothes from their outlet you might be able to find a good deal once and awhile
**Hope you find a store that works for you)

Should Guys Wear Girls Clothes?
How Far Should Guys Go Wearing Girls Outfits: Shoes, Socks, Shirts, What? What Makes It Wrong ? What Makes It Right ? Would A Straught Guy Look Bad In Girl Jeans, And Flats?

Nature tells us that healthy boys enjoy being boys, and healthy girls enjoy being girls. When a boy hates being a boy and prefers to be a girl, then that guy needs serious help.

Social convention tells us that boys wear pants and girls wears skirts and dresses. However social convention changes. Back in the 40's and 50's women challenged social convention. Women started wearing trousers. Society didn't like it. Society said these women wanted to be men, or they were jealous of men. Girls could not wear pants at school, or church, or on the job, or any professional setting. Yet they persisted. When Katherine Hepburn wore trousers and said she just felt comfortable in men's clothes, society was shocked. However society slowly began to accept that these women were not trying to be men, they still remained feminine. Women today are free to wear any mens clothes they want, but they are never pretending to be men.

Men have never challenged social convention in the same way. Whenever men wear dresses and women's clothes they do so to impersonate a women. They try to pass as a woman. That's the problem.

I believe that now the time is right for normal healthy guys to challenge social convention. I think that guys should wear skirts, dresses, women's shoes, even undies, but do so being real men. Guys have lean hard bodies and a dress could show off your shoulders and pectorals. I think guys could look pretty and masculine in a dress like this:

If a guy I knew would wear a dress I would be happy to go out on a date with him. When people would ask me why my date was wearing a dress I would defend him. I would explain that it is important to challenge social convention. Its how cultures learn to expand their social freedoms. We are talking about freedom for all men. Freedom from boring clothing. Freedom from the tyranny of trousers.

Come on guys, back me up on this, this is about your freedom!