What Is A Good Brand Silk Screen Printing Machine I Could Purchase?
And Source I Could Purchase It From. I Plan On Starting A Clothing Line So A Pretty Good And Worth Investing In Silk Screen Printing Machine Would Be Nice. Any Suggestion ?

BWM/Hopkins presses
Convertible Manual Press

ALL the way.

First... go to a trade show to check out the presses available. You can test them out and ask questions.
The next one is the SGIA show in vegas.

Girls? Clothes???????????????
Okay, I Prettymuch Wear The Same Outfit (Different Clothes But The Same Style) Every Day. Flannel Shirt And Jeans. I Don'T Like Brand Names, Sweat Pants, Or Sweaters With Hoods On Them. What Should I Wear To School? I Like Wearing Different Things..... I'M A Girl, 15. And No Spandex Either.

Try taking some fashion risks, things that maybe other girls arn't wearing. I'm 15 also so i understand the whole fashion delema. All the girls in my school seriously all wear the same ****. Slutty shirts, and tight jeans. I wear more of whatever comes to me, i used to be a tomboy, until i started getting into modeling and now i'm a total fashion fanatic. Baggy sweatshirts, leggins and heels are a cute outfit. khaki skinny jeans and a sweater are cute also, sweaters are very in this season. I know you said you don't like sweatpants but they now make skinny sweatpants, that are super cute.

I would try stores like forever21, and h&m. They don't normally have brandname stuff, and they have very unique styles, and they don't really sell sweatpants,sweatshirts with hoods, so try there.
Goodluck :)