T Shirt Printing Companies In The Bay Area Please Help!!!! 10 Points!!?
I Need A Really Cheap T Shirt Printing Company That Has Pretty Good Quality. I'Ve Made Hand Drawn Prints That I Want To Get Printed. Say, About 500, For Charity. Please Help!!!!!

Sorry, don't know any in bay area (bay area of where???)

I would try local office printing stores, they sometimes can print on apparel. If you can do the work yourself, I'd suggest getting printable iron on transfers. You can get a digital image of your drawing, print them out on your computer & iron them onto your t-shirts. However, 500 IS a lot, but if you're desperate, its the best way. I've done 20 of these before, it took some time, but it looks great.

If its for charity, there may be companies who will give you discounts in the printing. Google search T-shirt printing or apparel printing in your area.

if you want to do it online, (where they do the printing & shipping, etc.) try cafepress.com, they usually will work with charities & may give you a discount, though I do believe they're expensive no matter what.

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T- Shirt Screen Printing?
I Am Into Screen Printing And I Need A Supplier Or Manufacturer Of T- Shirts Can Anyone Please Tell Me Where I Can Find Good Quality Wholesale Cheap T-Shirts.

try http://americanapparel.net

You might have to get at LEAST a tax-id or a basic business S-Corp filled out with the government in order to setup a wholesale account. I'd find a tax guy/gal and talk to them about doing that first.