Is It Possible To Buy An At-Home T-Shirt Printer?
I Would Love To Have A T-Shirt Printer At Home For Cheap Softball Uniforms For The Team That I Coach, But I Do Not Know If This Is Possible. Also, If It Is Possible, I Was Wondering How Expensive A T-Shirt Printer Would Be And Would It Be Moderately Simple To Work? Help Is Greatly Appreciated. Thank You

Hey Michelle!

My friend bought a home t-shirt printer on Amazon you might look into. It's easy and safe to use. He got it for his floor ball team. Even though he paid the normal price for it, he said it was worth the money. It currently is on sale. He should have waited a bit :D Nevertheless he is very very happy with it.

Here is the link to the printer:

As I already said, it's easy to use, heats up fast and maintains temperature. There are many positive reviews on Amazon, be sure to check them out if you consider buying one. Only thing pointing out is that it is a bit heavy. But once you have it set up, it works like a charm.
Highly recommended, great investment!

Hope this helps you :)

Best wishes

How Can I Get Free Advertising T Shirts?
Is There Any Way I Can Get Free T Shirts With The Logo Of A Company On It For Free? If I Can I Want To Make A Little Money, I Heard You Can Do This But I Would Do It For Free. Any Websites I Can Go To? Any Companys I Can E-Mail Or Write A Letter To? Please And Thank You For Your Help.

You can make shirts for free at or and sell them

I doubt any company will just print you some shirts and give them to you for free though!