Need Someone To Build A Cheap Magazine Website, Or T-Shirt Website?
I Need Someone Who Will Build Me Either Websites Cheap

Cafepress is free, or very cheap for a premium site. You just upload your designs, pick the product that it will be imprinted on and assign a markup. They handle the sales, finance, shipping, customer service and returns and cut you a check for the markup. They also provide some marketing and affiliate tools.

I have made more sales than I expected and they are picking up as I am learning more about SEO and networking (which cafepress also has a lot of tutorials and stuff on).

Check out my sight at: and then start one of your own for free. If it works for you, get a premium shop and I will link you in on my t-shirt lens on squidoo:

Are There Any Places Online That Sell Cheap Band T-Shirts?
I Think It Kind Of Sucks To Pay $20 Dollars For A T-Shirt. I Also Cannot Stand Hot Topic Or It'S Selection.

Online it would probably be hot topic they are having a sale two band t-shirts for $25
pretty cheap but since you dont like hot topic
the only suggestion is probably going to a swap-meet :/