Does Hot Topic Have Any Annual Sales Dealing With T-Shirts?
I Want To Buy 2 Shirts For The Concert I'M Going To In 2 Months. I Was Wondering If Anyone Know When Sales Go On At Hot Topic?

What Is A Good Store To Buy Cheap T-Shirts?
Like Under $12 And In Toronto Please. And Don'T Say Walmart. =)

Old Navy- there clothes have really nice quality and resonable regular prices, when on sale they are crazy prices! ( t-shirt are $12 for 2 or even cute ones for exactly $12)
Urban Planet- clothes have nice quality but not the best(chosse carfully) but there prices are crazy! T-**** ar like $7.50 for adorable ones that says cute messages.
Stitches-brother of Urban Plantes
Aeropostale- quality can be lasted for more than two years and the pirces are great T-shirt for yusally $25 for 2 there signature ones. But there are ones for eaxctly $12 or less
American Eagle- there things are so cute!
At times, when on sale they have $12 and a bit more for cute t-shirt
Bluenotes- cute and non- expensive
T-shirt for $20 for 2, really cute!

Have fun shopping and good luck :)
Btw- stay away from Abercrombie and Ftich and Hollister if you are looking for cheap t-shirts! There t-shirts cheapestone are like $50 for one!