Blank Colored T-Shirts?
Were Can I Find Plain Coolored T-Shirts For Cheap?

Forever 21 has the best and cheapest solid color t-shirts! I own black, yellow, and olive green. They are only $4.80 each, and they are good quality and fit wonderfully.

If you're looking for colored t-shirts for crafts, go to Michaels. They have a wide variety of colors, such as lime green and hot pink, and they cost only $3-$5 each. When they're on sale, you can get 5 for $10.

Where Can You Buy T-Shirts With Your Favorite Bands On Them For Cheap?
I Really Wanna Get Some T-Shirts With My Favorite Bands On Them, But I Dont Have A Lot Of Money And I Dont Know Where To Get Them. If You Could List Some Places Where To Get Them That Would Be Awesome. My Favorite Bands Are Coldplay, Radiohead, Muse, Green Day, Skillet, And Three Days Grace If That Helps At All. Thanks To Those Who Answer! :)

You have some pretty good taste in music :)

Hot Topic usually has all sorts of band shirts for about 10$ each. I personally like to buy all my band shirts at HMV, where they usually have Buy 1 Get 1 Free sales.