How To Rip You Hood Off You Rain Jacket?

If you mean that you have a jacket with a sewn on hood and you'd prefer that that jacket have no hood... then you need to get a seam ripper and remove the stitching to take the hood off. then you will need to sew a new hem around the collar of the jacket. it should be relatively easy even if you are not a tailor. but if you prefer you could always take it to the tailor. it should be a simple, inexpensive job.

Matt Hitt'S Leather Jacket?
I Really Want Matthew Hitt'S Leather Jacket. It'S Not Leather Jacket 5 By The Way. Anybody Have An Exact Idea About Where It'S From?

It's 90% Made in China, India, Philippines, where most leather jackets are made today even those designed by Americans or normally sold in the US grounds. Back before the 80's, 90% were Made in the USA.

Best way to buy SPORTS COATS, suits or leather jackets: Is to try them on in front of a full length mirror. A size medium for example is not one size fits all, the sleeves may be too long or the body may be too tight. When you put your elbows together, they should not fit tight on the shoulders.
Nordstrom and Piperline they have FREE SHIPPING & FREE RETURNS. I just ordered 3 from Nordstrom, recently, and all THREE were returned, because the sleeves were too baggy or too long. one can't be altered because it had zipper on the sleeves. I just ordered 4 more from Piperline, waiting delivery on Wednesday, that's 3 days from when I ordered it. I found a turquoise leather jacket in a classic style once, and I called the seller FROM INDIA. I asked him, what is the sleeve length of their jackets. He got off the phone, but I could hear him talking Indian language. then came back to me: " long". "I mean, what is the length by inches." "I'm telling you, the neck is round, the sleeves are long, the body is wide." HUH? OK, I didn't order from them! What a joke! It was a beautiful jacket, too, but they said they will custom make me one, but I have no idea what he was babbling about!
It took me until 3-6-13, to finally find the perfect fit, color, style jacket from Overland. Before this one, I've had several sent to my home for 3 months! Free shipping Free returns from different vendors.

JC Penney
Overland based in Colorado.
Langlitz in Portland Or, make beautiful police motorcycle jackets!

I've been buying & wearing leather jackets (classic styles) since the 70's in various colors & brands & styles.

I've been trying to buy leather jackets for 2 months with FREE SHIPPING/FREE RETURN since Nov. and this is now middle of Feb. and I still haven't found one in my size, and color I want. Another 3 leather jackets just arrived, another rejects! One jacket can't be altered because it had zippers on the sleeves.