What Is A Bed Jacket?
My Kids Bought Me A Sheer Black With Floral Print Jacket. On The Tag It Says Bed Jacket But It Looks Like You Would Wear It With A Little Black Dress Or A Cami. My Son Said It Was Not With The Night Clothing But Rather The Regular Clothes. What The Heck Is A Bed Jacket?

A bed jacket is exactly what the name implies - you wear it in bed! Never heard about men wearing them, but back in the olden days when we didn't have central heating yet, and when it was a major task to get charcoal and wood out of the cellar to fire the furnace, it was common for women to stay in bed wearing a comfortable, warm jacket, until the men of the house had gotten the fire going. I suppose that the shop personnel didn't know that, otherwise they would have put it with the night clothing...:-) Why you could still want to wear a bed jacket nowadays: doesn't it feel nice if you can stay in bed a little longer (sitting upright) and have somebody serve you breakfast (hubby and/or kids), and wouldn't it feel cozy if you have something warming your shoulders while your legs are still covered by blankets?
In case you are wondering - yes, I am from the "olden days", and yes again, I'm still wearing those bed jackets, even without getting breakfast served...:-)

Icon Motorcycle Jacket?
What Do You Think About The Icon Superduty Jacket For Riding? Will It Be Cool In Summer? Good Protection?

The superduty jacket is good in terms of protection but it's not too stylish and it's hot as ****!! I had an Icon pursuit jacket which is fully perforated and I still sweat my *** off.. If you're looking for a lightweight jacket with some decent protection that wont make you sweat I'd say research on Joe Rocket jackets.. They have some pretty nice mesh jackets... but you may look a little silly with all the armor.