Where Can I Get..(For Screen Printing)?
Where Can I Get: Silk Screen ( Nylon ), Emulsion, Ink, And A Squeegee? And Yes, I Know Joann'S, But Their Stuff Is Little On The High Money Costing Side. So, Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get This Stuff And Good Prices?


Screen Printing Shirts Helllpp?
So, I Was Hoping To Find A Screen Printing Kit In Michaels Yesterday, And I Found One. It Was Like A Yudu Screen Printing Kit Thing, And So Asked My Dad For It For Christmas. Then My Dad Said That Speedball Ultimate Screen Printing Kit Was Cheaper. Any Tips On Which Screen Printing Kit I Should Get? Because I Really Want To Go Into Business Of Making/Selling Shirts. But Yeah, Is There A Certain Kind Of Screen Printing Kit That You Would Reccommend?

They both are pretty close to the same.
You need a framed silk screen, ink (water soluble preferred) a squeegee to pull the ink through the silk, and cut your stencil out of paper or film to make your design.