Screen Printing Question?
I Am Wondering What Kind Of Fabric Would Be Best To Do Home-Made Screen Printing? I Plan To Take The Fabric, Pull It Tight In An Embroidery Hoop, And Use Modge-Podge To Fill In The Negatives, Instead Of An Emulsifier. I Was Looking At Tulle, But I Think There May Be Too Many Holes Per Inch. Chiffon Seems The Right Sheer-Ness (If That's Even A Word), But It's Fairly Expensive. Would Anyone Happen To Know Where I Could Find The Suggested Fabric For A Lower Cost, As I Plan To Make Several Different Prints. If None Are Known About, That Is Fine, Just Knowing The Type Of Fabric To Use Would Be Great. Thank You!

There are many professional suppliers in the United States, and you can buy a pre-made screen of 156 threads per inch for more than reasonable prices. You can get a 156 mesh frame for $12.95 from a place all the way down in Florida called Mel Ray, and they are great...

Embroidery hoops work in a way, but a real screen will work so much better and are less than 20 dollars in cost pre-made.

Also there is a blocking substance called "screen filler" or "block out" that you can get in water or solvent resistant versions (depends on the ink you want to use). It is inexpensive (I got my bottle from Mel Ray for 8 bucks) and can be removed with water (for the solvent resistant type) for a new design, it can be applied with a brush just like you could paint with acrylic artist colors.

I have used a professional screen, block out, and artist oil paints to print designs with a squeegee over 25 years ago in school when I started. You can get a 14 inch squeegee from Mel Ray. for less than 20 dollars.

You can even use door hinges to screw the screen onto a board and print many garments with a cut out on the board to hold the garment in the same place.

Silk Screen Issues And Such?
So I Haven'T Been Screen Printing For Very Long, And School Doesn'T Allow For A Lot Of Free Time. When I Was Actually Printing On The Shirts, Everything Was Done Right Up Until The Actual Ink Going Transferring To The Shirts. It Printed At The Top Of The Design, But At The Bottom It Was Patchy And Not Completely Solid, If You Know. Was It Not Using Enough Force To Run The Squeegee Through, The Ink Drying Too Quickly, Not Enough Ink? I Would Really Like To Know What Is Going Wrong Here So I Can Take This Up Again And Do It Successfully. Thank You!

It does sound like there was not enough ink, but also you want to check the screen before using ink, to make sure that holes are clear, if the first set of prints were ok, but later became faded, then that would be the paint drying into holes, if you totally covered screen with ink, but ink did not seep through screen to tshirt, holes are blocked with old paint or sealer, suggest checking the screen carefully for blockage, and try again, if possible, test on old rag or sheet with thinner or watered down ink,