Silk Screen / Screen Print≫??Help Pls Help???? Screen Filler Method?
The Instruvtions Say: This Method Is Achieved In One Of Two Ways. The First By Painting The Screen Filler (A Material Which Becomes Impermeable When Dry And Is Not Water Based) Directly On The Screen Wherever You Don'T Want The Image Or Ink To Be. So My Problem Is......I Dont Know Which Side Of The Screen To Paint It On? Front? Back?

Paint it on the inside (the side that you put the ink and squeegee from). The filler should be such a thin layer that it does not really matter – you want as smooth as possible.

Silk Screening/Graphic Design?
I'M Interested In Using Silk Screening Techniques To Make Some Clothing. Are Do-It-Yourself Kits Reliable? Also, Is This Categorized As Being Part Of Graphic Design, Or Fasion-Related If I Were Interested In Pursuing Some Education/Schooling In This Field? Thanks!

Well, do it yourself kits are reliable, but you don't necessarily need everything in the kit. And they cost about 140$+ :x

If you're interested in this as a hobby, or you're wanting to test the waters, here's a simple tutorial for making one color print shirts -----> You'll need the following to follow it;
a screen (22$)
ink (20$)
emulsion (20$)
squeegee (2$)
total= 70$ max.

The ink and emulsion can last you a while, and you can reuse the frame so long as you have the chemicals for washing the emulsion off.

As for the materials to follow the tutorial, you can order them here ----->

Good luck!