Need Help Starting A Clothing Line? Printing? Silk Screening?
Www.Shopgrvty.Com I'M Gonna Print The First Shirt. What Is The Best Shirt To Silk Screen Or Make The Print On (No Bacon Collar, Or Shrinkage). Gildan, Hanes Etc? And What Ink Do I Use I Already Have A Screen Squeegee Etc I Just Need To Know What Ink Thanks :D

I prefer Hanes as it is more comfortable

I Want To Buy A North Face Jacket?
I Want To Buy A North Face Jacket And I Need A Store That Sells Them For Under 100 Bucks. Please Help Because I Really Need A New Jacket

the Khumbu Jacket ($80 - $90, depending on the color (current season vs. last season)) -

the Pumori Jacket ($99) -

the Osito Jacket ($99) -

Otherwise wait until after the Fall/Winter retail season, when everybody starts putting winter stuff on sale to make room for Spring items (I'd maybe start looking around Feb). On the north face website, they have a list of all the websites that are safe to buy their products from (so like, not knockoffs). Go here, and click "Online Dealers" just above the map: . Any of those sites might have the jackets on sale towards the end of winter.

Oh! And don't bother googling "cheap north face jackets" or anything like that. Pretty much all you get in the results then are the knockoff sites.