Screen Printing On Fabric?
I'M Curious If You Can Use All The Same Materials To Screen On Fabric As You Would On Paintings? I Think You Can Use The Same Silk Screen, But Do You Have To Use Different Ink And Squeegee? Cause I Was Looking Up Materials And It Has Squeegees Exclusively For Fabric. Thank You.

I'm a professional silk screen printer with over 12 combined experience in both textile (fabric) printing and graphic printing. You didn't mention what mesh count (how many threads per square inch) you use but you are correct that you SHOULD be able to use the same screen fabric. As far as squeegees those to should be universal if you have a good selection of hard and soft rubbers. The ink is another matter however. Most textile inks are Plastisol, whereas in my experience most graphic inks are vinyl based. The big difference is cure methods. Vinyl inks will air dry over time and don't require heat, but plastisol ink does need to be heat set. if plastisol is not cured properly it will crack and wash out within a few washes. There are also a few headaches textile printers face when printing on non-cotton fabrics like polyester and nylon. The dye in polyester fabrics is set in the fabric at a lower temp than the cure temp of plastisol ink, and so if you are using just plain textile ink you are likely to get "dye migration" This occurs when the higher temps used to cure the ink reactivates the dye in the fabric and it migrates up into the ink, changing the colors of your ink (ie. white ink turns pink or pale blue on red or blue polyester fabrics) . There is a line of poly-block inks designed to prevent this. Nylon fabric is another monster entirely. If you look at cotton or polyester threads under high magnification you will see they have tiny hairs which help the ink to adhere. Nylon is smooth and non absorbent and therefor normal textile ink will not work without some help. This is in the form of an ink additive commonly refered to as "Nylobond". this is a catalyst additive that will actually bond the ink to the nylon fabric. A little trick here: nylobond can be added to ink to lower the cure temp of ink printed on polyester to try and avoid the dreaded dye migration.

I know I've blurted out alot of info here, so to sum things up: Yes mesh fabric and squeegees should be interchangeable. you will need specific textile printing inks to get the best looking prints. And Cotton is a textile printers friend :)

Where To Find A Cute Leather Jacket For Under $150?
I'M Looking For A Black Leather Jacket. Preferably New. Similar In Style/Look To Mike And Chris Or S.W.O.R.D. Leather Jackets.

Leather jackets are so cool and I think they look great on girls and guys.
If you don't mind used, I have gotten a lot of nice leather clothes off of ebay. I've gotten several really nice jackets there for really good prices. Some are like new (or even are new). Read the description and use sellers with strong feedback. Feel free to ask questions too (most sellers don't mind at all). I agree though, new is best. Wilsons used to be a great store for leather. Great selection of jackets as well as skirts, pants, and even dresses :-). I don't think they are as good now as they were a few years ago but they still sell some really nice jackets and their prices are pretty good when they run sales. Tip - pick out the jacket you like and then wait for the sale. It seems all of their stock goes on sale. They just rotate from week to week which items. At least that's how they used to do it.