Blue Jackets And/Or St. Louis Blues?
Who Will Win Between The Jackets Or Blues????

Jackets will be ending the Blues streak tonight! It will be an interesting home and home series with a playoff atmosphere. 8 games to go and each team is looking to make it into the playoffs. Jackets need some wins to ensure they maintain their 6th place position (maybe even move to #5)

I've always enjoyed the Jackets/ Blues games, it's always fast and physical. I still like the jackets in this one.

** Well I was wrong about last night, great comeback by the Jackets though. I see a regulation win tonight for the Jackets since they are angry and at home tonight!

Screen Printing On Fabric.?
I'M Curious If You Can Use All The Same Materials To Screen On Fabric As You Would On Paintings? I Think You Can Use The Same Silk Screen, But Do You Have To Use Different Ink And Squeegee? Cause I Was Looking Up Materials And It Has Squeegees Exclusively For Fabric. Thank You.

Do you mean screen printing on "canvas," or actually screen printing on top of paintings (on top of various kinds of paint)? If you mean canvas, that's one type of "fabric."

I'd suggest you ask about that whole topic though on a screen printing board, like for example the ones at (you'll have to join to ask questions, but it's free):
...and for completed projects and info: