How Do You Make A Silk Screen ?
In High School, We Had An Assignment To Immitate A Famous Painter..I Chose Andy Warhol (Im A Big Marilyn Monroe Fan). Well, My Art Teacher Did The Silk Screen For Me & Id Love To Know How She Did It, What Materials She Used For It & What Surfaces I Can Use It On.. (Besides Paper & T-Shirts) Also, Can I Take A Photo I Took Myself & Convert It Into A Silk Screen To Put On A Shirt? Now......How Do I Do That?


There is some silk screening supplies available from various art stores. Usually, you can use an existing clean screen, and use a photoemulsion fluid and a black image printed on a transparent mylar material, like Duralar and expose it so that the light exposed liquid is fixed, and the non-light exposed areas wash away and leave open screen areas. There are small fairly inexpensive kits for this available from craft stores like Michaels and Joanns with a screen, photoemulsion fluid, and some basic inks.

For a general description of how to tranfer an image to a surface, once you've got your image on the screen, you get whatever ink you want, and lay a line of it across the top, and lay the screen over what you want to print on, and with a squeegee, drag an even layer of ink across the top so the ink gets down in the open spaces of the screen. If coverage from the first pass appears to have missed some spots, drag another layer, but be careful not to force too much through the screen.

To get more than one color, either have more than one screen available with the next image, and repeat the coloring process. Usually, to line up the images, you can use registration marks or like a clamping station setup for like a 4 color tshirt.

To work up an existing image to print, you just take the general shapes and you might be able to do this on a pc using a program like CorelDraw, or manually.

Go to DIY to find sample projects for silk screening. I went to their main webpage, and clicked on the crafts tab, and then looked for 'silk screening' and found a lot of projects that showed photos of silk screening steps.

Also, there is sort of a cool little product for silk screening called PhotoEz. These are just little silk screens that you can make one image from. Check out the PhotoEz site to see some examples of it and how to use it. Also, Dharma Trading should have some silk screening supplies for fabrics. I know I've seen an apparatus for a 3 or 4 color tshirt silk screening station there. You may also want to check out an online artist community, wetcanvas, because there may be artists who do a lot of silk screening that might provide some advice for you, too. Basic membership is free there, and there are currently more than 95,000 worldwide members.

Hope this helps and at least gives you a little more information and direction. :)

Can You Do Silkscreen Prints Without A Squeegee?
I'Ve Got Everything; Frame, Ink, Stencil, Everything Except The Squeegee. I Tried My Luck With A Bit Of Cardboard Pressed Down Hard And Pulled In One Stroke, And It Did Not Work As Well As I Would Hope. Do You Need A Squeegee To Create Silk-Screen Prints?

a squeegee has a rubber edge, you will need something to push the ink thru the Screen,it has to be stiff ,a wood panel would work,stiff cardboard,look around if you are an artist you should have some junk in your studio that can be used,they make squeegees to clean glass , go to a hardware store and look in the shower or bath room department