How To Get Shirts Printed?
I'M Starting A T Shirt Brand. I Want To Design The Shirts In Photoshop. How Do I Get The Designs From Photoshop Printed Onto Shirts? Every Site I See Only Lets You Put Designs On The Chest Area. My Designs Sometimes Go All The Way To The Edge Of The Shirt. Where Can I Get These Type Of Things Done? I Like To Take Pictures And Then Put Them In My Designs So There Are Usually A Lot Of Colors. Just Thought I Would Put That Out There Cause I Know Some Sites Have A Certain Amount Of Colors You Can Do.

What you need is Direct to Garment Printing or DTG. It is a digital printing onto the t-shirt which enables a broader range of colors and photo like quality. I've used New Way Silk Screen Printing for the last couple of years.

Check out their page or give them a call for more information.

Who Prints The Cheapest Dtg T-Shirts? I Live In The Midwest (Usa) If That Makes A Difference On Shipping.?
I M Wanting To Impress My Girlfriend By Getting A Really Nice Shirt Designed By Me. I Want The Shirt Black As Well.

Printing on black is going to cost more because colors look so bad on black - you have to lay down white for the colors to show up the way they do on paper - so two print runs.